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Bubba Stacy
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As the seasons change, beards are coming back to the faces of many men, but so many are not cherishing their hairy accessory as much as they should. Growing a beard is the first victory for men, but taking care of it as it grows is another success that can help this win last a lifetime. This is why beard oil should be essential in the process of men everywhere adapting to the colder weather.

Men tend to assume that beard oil is only necessary for styling and good-smells, but it’s more than that. Here are just a few ways that beard oil helps strengthen your relationship with your beard:

  • Conditions: Just like you would use conditioner to smooth out your hair on your head, you should use beard oil to condition your beard. When you use it as a conditioner, it conditions the follicles of each beard hair, preventing dryness and irritation on the skin.
  • Hydrates: When applying beard oil, the oil hydrates the skin underneath your beard. By having hydrated skin, you are ridding the possibility of dandruff which tends to get caught in your beard or falls onto your shirt. Also, hydrated skin strengthens growth, so with hydration, your beard will grow fuller and faster.
  • Smooths: Yes, beard oil also helps style and smooth out your beard. It’s preferred to have a groomed-looking beard, so by using oil, there’s no chance of frizz or coarseness that will be uncomfortable to you or anyone who comes in contact with it.
  • Aroma: With the essential oils that are found in beard oil, you will have a natural cologne without the hassle of finding the right aftershave that chemically smells natural. If applied evenly throughout your beard, you can give off the perfect, all-natural aroma you’ve always wanted.

Once you are convinced that beard oil is for you, there are some tips that are key in using the best out of your oil.

1. We believe that less is more, so only apply a few drops in your hand, rub your hands together, then gently massage throughout your beard and skin underneath.

2. The best time to apply beard oil is right after a shower or facial cleanse. During this time, your pores are enlarged, clean, and more accepting of your natural beard oil.

To keep you from researching for too long on which beard oil to start with, we have your solution at hand to save you the time. The Manskape Co.’s Wild Willies Beard Elixir has all of the qualities to intensify and take care of your beard the way it deserves.

This elixir also includes the essential oils needed to ensure a truly healthy beard which include:

  • Cedarwood: Includes terpene that help release toxins and increase circulation throughout your body. It also has antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent, and anti-fungal properties while also acting as a natural insect repellent and a calming effect.
  • Tea Tree:  This is used to kill bad bacteria and to stimulate hair and follicles. It also acts as a natural healer, getting rid of blemishes on your skin.
  • Rosemary: Along with tea tree, this oil helps stimulate follicles, helping grow your beard hair longer and stronger. It’s also said that rosemary helps boost mental activity, producing higher cognitive functions.

You may have made the mistake of not using beard oil in your daily routine, but The Manskape Co. is willing to forgive and help you make up for the lost time you’ve had with a healthy beard.

Go to for more information and options to start your beard care right.

~ Wild Willie

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